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IFA 2019 Stand Wars

It was clear that the ‘my stand is better than yours’ battle was in full force between traditional rivals LG and Samsung at IFA Berlin this year. Both stands tried to create as much attention and interaction they could get from the public. But who tipped the scales in this battle? Samsung by a country mile. Their exhibit took over an entire exhibition hall. The hall was solely for Samsung with no adjoining brands either side, unlike LG which was essentially ‘piggy in the middle’ to other brands.

LG put up a good fight but unfortunately their statement piece was old news. As someone who follows the exhibition roadshow routes, the ‘LG OLED TV’ had been seen before at ISE earlier this year. (Obviously I am being biased – to a new consumer this product would have a serious WOW factor).

The stands themselves had similar focus on smart living and 8K TVs, but again Samsung topped LG with the hall laid out as a floor plan, showing their products in a regular home set up. Highlights Included the launch of the Samsung Fold phone which had its own area, and their stand showstopper, the future kitchen – see the video for the things we liked.

LG also launched their new signature collection: ‘FUKSAS’ is an unfortunate name for a clean and sophisticated range of domestic appliances. “Clean and sophisticate” yes, but the polar opposite to the Samsung BESPOKE collection. Straight away you notice the difference in target audience. LG have some great products coming to Europe, but I only know this after three separate occasions of revisiting their stand. If I had gone after my first visit I probably could not tell you one product that LG were trying to promote – including the Signature Collection.

From a consumer point of view visiting IFA looking at potentially purchasing an LG product their IFA stand was a poor representation of LG’s products. This was surprising as, for the last couple of years, LG held the mantle as the most innovative South Korean brand. Then I say all this, next year it could be the complete opposite. Or one of the relative newcomer Chinese brands could take the lead. We will have to wait till IFA 2020 to find out.

Thatsmad rating:

Samsung@IFA2019 9/10
LG@IFA2019 7/10